1-833-295-1999 Top 5 reasons why HP printer is not working properly?

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is a famous brand in the field of printers. It provides many new featured and latest printer models, moreover, it provides some other products like computer, desktop, printer, pen drive etc. All the printers are famous in the market but they are also creating some minor problems from time to time. If you have some information related to the printer, you can solve most of the problems easily. We are providing topmost 5 problems & their solutions which generally occurred in the HP printers. You should read the entire article thoroughly and solve your printer problem easily.

Problem1. Paper twisting problem: –

It is a most common problem in the printers when you will fill the papers in the paper tray. Sometimes some papers twisted in the role of papers, and if a corner of papers is folding.  It will create the problem. We can solve this problem by using given below solution.

Solution: – When you refill the pages in the paper tray, you should check all the pages and their corners correctly.

  • Check the paper size, it is reliable for the paper tray or not.
  • Check the entire fields related to the printer, they are correct or not.

Problem2. Some printings are faded: –

When you print papers sometimes, it creates problems like- faded of the ink color and not correctly printed by the printer. Generally, it is an ink problem. You can solve it.

Solution: – If your printer creating this type of problem. You can follow some tips to resolve your problem.

  • First check ink box or cartridge, what is the level of ink in it.
  • Check the quality of the ink in the printer.
  • When the density of the ink is low, it will print fade papers.

Problem3. A driver isn’t present in the device: –

When you give a command to the system, it shows a message that printer hasn’t driver related to the task. It means there is no driver or programs which follow this command.

Solution: – When your printer show alert message related to the driver. You should first install the driver.

  • Go to the HP official website and download the driver and install in your system.
  • If your driver out of date then you should update all the drivers instantly.
  • Updating of the setup of the printer added some new features in your printer device.

Problem4. Wires and cables not connected correctly: –

 Sometimes your wires and cables are not correctly connected. It will create a problem and can’t follow your command.

Solution: – We are giving some solution related to this problem which will help you to solve the issue.

  • Connect all the cables correctly.
  • If any wire burnt, you should replace it with a new cable.
  • New cables and wires should be original and of the same company.

Problem5. Software related problem in a printer: –

Sometimes printer not working properly and generate some problems. It may be the software related problem in which all the hardware system correctly assemble and cables connections are also good.

Solution: – In this type of problem you should follow some steps to solve the software related problem. Please follow the step-by-step procedure as given below. If you get the solution in the first step then you don’t need to try others, otherwise, you may proceed to try further steps.

  • First, you should check setup version, if not updated then update it.
  • Fix all the settings related problems or Reset the all the settings of the printer.
  • Uninstall the setup from your computer and again install it with new updated version.

Customer helpline: – If your issue is not solved till now, you can consult with the HP customer care supporters. They will provide all the valuable information related to your printer. You can also drop the mail to the customer care mail account. They will reply soon and provide all the valuable suggestion about your issue.

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