How to Recovery a Gmail Password – Via Gmail Website, Gmail App, Phone Number, Alternate Email Address?

Nowadays, login issue is a major problem in Gmail account. A number of customers are facing same error Gmail account like a number of time they have forgotten password what is the password to Gmail account. If you are using to the computer, iPhone or Android phone for open or sign into Gmail account but need recovery Gmail password then you can stop to your search because in this article we will describe all of the important information, procedures to password recovery in a simple way. What you know you can recover to your password via Gmail website, app, phone number and email id.

Why is Password important for Gmail account access?

Password not only gives consent to access any account and always it will secure to your account. By password, anybody can’t enter in your mail account so be carefully use to the unique password when you create a Gmail account and also choose an option to account safety like phone number, email address it will help out to the customer when they have forgotten their account password or face hack issue.

Before use to recovery Gmail password, you can try to process for remember a password

We know a number of people don’t care to account or not take seriously to every point, those user face complexity to Gmail account in the future. Try some tricks for remembering Gmail password

  • If you share your password then you ask the password.
  • What you save Gmail password? Like excel sheet or on mobile etc.
  • You can try probable password that you use in your number of email accounts. Like Name, Age, Date of Birth or maybe a secret.

Effortless technique password recovery of Gmail Account

At the moment, the hacking problem is a major or high tension crisis of Gmail users. In a survey, we got every day thousands account hack by the hacker but a number of cases it gets answer users not use the strong password, safety to Gmail account.

Step 1: Gmail Password Recovery by using the Gmail Website

How do I get my Gmail password if I forgot it? Unfortunately, if you have forgotten your password or someone hacks your account password then you should be recovery their account by following methods like

  • The first user will visit the website
  • Next, you can click on “Forgot password”
  • Now you need to type the old password that you keep in mind and click on Next.
  • After that user can choose a way of getting verification code by phone number or alternate email account. It depends on you how you want to recover to your account.
  • If you choose the first option by Gmail account recovery phone number then you will get a code on the mobile number, or you select the choice by email address then you will get the code by mail on your email id. No doubt, both ways are easy to recover Gmail account. Its code will get from Google.
  • Later you can type the verification code in the message.
  • After you can create the new password, once again enter the new password.
  • Then click on change password and click on Accept.

Step 2: Gmail Password Recovery by using the Gmail App

Do you know you can recover Gmail password by Gmail App? If never then no worry get here respond by following ways like

  • Firstly user will open the Gmail app.
  • Subsequently, Tap +Add and email id and tap Google.
  • At the present, you require typing the email address or phoning number which associated with your account. Tap “Next”.
  • Then Tap “forgot password”.
  • Next user will type the previous password, tap next.
  • Later verify the get verification code where you want to phone number or recovery email account.
  • Now type the verification code in the latter and enter a new password, again type the password.
  • Tap Next.
  • Final Tap accepts.

How do I change my password on my Gmail account?

Step 3: Gmail Password Recovery by Gmail Account Month & Year

We know some customer is serious for Gmail account, he notes to every moment related Gmail like when they join the Gmail account, what you know you can recover to your account by this process if you don’t know process then learn here like

  • First of all, type Gmail account support page in your web browser, click on it and wait for open.
  • Now type you the email address that you want to recover.
  • Next, click try a different question were not of help you, at present, you observe Month and Year.
  • We know it is the tough question for everyone “When did you create this Google account” if you know then you can recover your Gmail account in the very short period of time.

Need Support Gmail password reset then contact Gmail Customer Support Service

Step 4: Gmail Password Recovery by Security Question

Whenever you create a new Gmail account then Gmail gives an option to password recovery by a number of ways like security question, if you have forgotten the password or facing trouble to open your Gmail account then you choose to this technique for account recovery. If anyone doesn’t know the solution how it will possible then try to follow steps like

  • To start with open Gmail account support page.
  • Now you can skip to the previous step and choose to next way of “Answer the security question you added to your account”. As you will give a right answer to security question then instantly you will recover to your Gmail account.

Now, you will know the system to Gmail password recovery in a number of ways. If you haven’t set the password recovery of another account then you should apply the account safety tips otherwise you can’t recover to your account whenever you have forgotten password, some know your password or someone hack your account.

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