1-833-295-1999 File Attachment or Sending and Receiving Error” – How do I reconfigure a Gmail Email Account that does not send/receive?

As you know you can attach to file from your Gmail account free of cost. There is no limitation to send and receive a number of emails from any Gmail account. But a number of time “File Attachment or Sending and Receiving Error” irritate the user that reason they don’t send and receive a file from someone. If you want to know the reply to how to fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails Not Sending, Gmail not receiving emails from one person, my Gmail isn’t receiving emails then you should be known about this trouble otherwise you can’t solve to your hitch in the proper way. Behind this trouble can be reasons such as file size limit, file format, internet connection etc. But the question is here how do I reconfigure a Gmail Email Account that does not send/receive then read this article here we will describe the solution to this delay.

Message and Attachment Size Limits in Gmail

Before solving Gmail not sending and receiving problem you should be knowledgeable about the file size limit in Gmail account. Gmail gives 25MB attachment size to file every mail account used to sending and receiving. Every user can send 60 emails per minute, per hour 3,600 emails, and per day 86,400 emails. I think it is enough for everyone the best for the user it is free of cost. It means you can send messages to 60 people in per minute.

How to Attach or send the file from Gmail Account?

If you are one of a user which don’t know the process to send a file from Gmail Account then learn here steps like

  • First, open to your Gmail account.
  • Now click on Compose
  • Next, “To” there you need to type the email address to that person where you want to send your message.
  • After type “Subject” it will indicate to a person what you want or topic to this mail.
  • Later “Body” there you can write the message of mail.
  • “Attach” click attach button, select the file you want to upload.
  • Click open and click send button.

Your message will transfer to that person where you want.

How to receive the file from Gmail Account?

No worry, get here explanation to receive the file from another mail person in Gmail account like

  • First of all, open to your Gmail
  • Next click on mail which you want to download.
  • Now click on download button of a file.
  • After a short period of time file will download.

Note: You can reply to this mail or forward to this mail to another person all the option are available in their Gmail account.

How to fix Gmail File sending and Receiving Error?

My Gmail stopped sending and receiving emails, you can sort out to your problem after knowing about reason like

1. Check Internet Connection –

Make sure your internet is working fine or not, maybe your connection is not working that reason you can’t getting or receiving mail from your Gmail account.

2. Check for the mail account updates –

Make sure the mail account version which you are using, it is possible to update available in the Gmail account.

3. Clear the cache, cookies, and history from the browser –

A number of the time look when a user is not sending and receiving mail from Gmail account then he need to Clear the cache, cookies, and history from the browser and restart to your browser and check it your problem will be fixed.

4. Try switching to some other browser –

If your problem continues in your web browser then you should change the browser and send/receive to your mail without any trouble.

5. Fix Bounced or Rejected emails –

Behind this trouble can be these reasons like

  • First, check quotation mark it will problem.
  • If the user uses to dot at the end of mail then you cannot send your emails.
  • If you use any space in your mail account then mail will not send that reason.
  • Make sure spelling is wrong then your message will not send.

If you check to all this reason then fix it and send to your message without any snag.

  1. Connections Timed Out.
  2. Could not contact DNS servers
  3. The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect.

These are common problems which face by the user that reason they don’t send and receive the message from Gmail account. Try to following tips and tricks and you can also get help from Gmail Contact Help professional’s experts they will suggest you answer.

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